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Concrete piers are one of the oldest methods of foundation leveling. When properly installed, a concrete pier will provide long term foundation support.


Press piling piers is an optimal penetration method that consists of the stacking of pre-cast concrete piers on top of each other and pushing them into the ground using a specialized hydraulic press. Six-inch diameter and twelve-inch long concrete cylinders are hydraulically driven into the ground using pressure up to 10,000 (psi), to drive cylinders the farthest depth possible for stronger stabilization. After the cylinders are installed, a concrete cap, serving as a platform, is laid above the piers where the foundation is leveled off the concrete platform. Two additional cylinders are placed above the concrete cap and are secured with steel shims.

Why Choose All Foundation Repair?

We understand that your home is your most valuable asset. After conducting a thorough evaluation, we determine what level method is necessary and provide the best solution to your unique situation.

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